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Golf Hole Descriptions

Lake Limerick Golf Course Hole Descriptions

1 & 10

A short but interesting par four, it’s important to keep your tee shot center or left center of the fairway because of the trees and OB on the right. A well placed tee shot will leave you a short iron to a small slightly elevated green. Despite the short yardage, par is a good score here.

2 & 11

The longest hole on the course, it requires three well struck shots to get home in regulation .You want to be on the right side of the fairway for your approach to the green in order to avoid the trees that peek out on the left side. There’s no real trouble, but there is a hazard on the right that will catch a shot played to far to the right. The green slopes back to front and is relatively easy to putt.

3 & 12

One of the more difficult driving holes on the course, your tee shot needs to be left center to avoid the trees guarding the green on the right. There is a bunker greenside to catch shots that are a little long and wide left. The green slopes  back to front and falls off right to left to make for some challenging putts

4 & 13

From the back tees #4 is a demanding par 3. This hole plays just over 200 yards uphill to a small elevated green. When the wind is up just a little, it plays more like 230-250 yards! A much shorter shot from the forward tee, a par here from either tee is great golf. The green slopes back to front with some devilish break and speed when the hole is in the front part of the green.

5 & 14

Although not very long, the first part of this hole plays uphill with a landing area that is one of the tightest on the course. From the back tee it is a slicers nightmare. The tee shot requires a draw or hook in order to avoid the trees on the left. If your tee shot doesn’t carry to the narrow opening at the top of the hill, you will be forced to play a blind second shot to a fairly level green. The green sports a small but busy bunker on the left side of the green. Note: a restroom is located near #5 green.

6 & 15

Decision time! Hit the driver over the corner of the hazard or play it safe with a mid iron or fairway wood.  The smart play, and the one most make, is the lay up. Even then the lay up area is narrowed by OB right and hazard left. A lay up here still leaves you a 150-170 yard shot to a relatively flat green that slopes gently from back to front.

7 & 16

A par 3 from the white and a short but some what challenging par 4 from the back(Blue/Gold). The green is elevated into a hill and the last 30-40 yards before the green is up hill. As a par four you have to make a decision similar to #6, hit the driver over the hazard or lay up to the right. There is a fairway bunker 20-30 yards short of the green and a deep pot bunker on the right side of the green that has made many a golfer weep. This is the most dramatic green on the golf course, with a tremendous amount of slope from back to front. A weak chip or putt and your ball will come rolling back to you. A putt from above the hole that is a little to strong will run off the front of the green

A par here is a good score.

8 & 17

A par 5 one time and a par 4 the next, this tee shot requires a straight ball or some what of a fade/slice to avoid the trees on the right and the OB on the left. A reachable par 5, the fun begins at the green. Your approach shot plays down hill to a green that slopes quite  a bit from front to back. Don’t let the view of the lake distract you from negotiating this green.

9 & 18

Faders and slicers rejoice. Another tee shot to a slight dogleg right. However, a tee shot that strays to far to the right is often grabbed by the trees and somehow  disappears. The green is guarded on the left front by a bunker that seems to get a lot of traffic. This green slopes back to front and requires your attention. Not a long hole, but par is good here.