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A special note about Boating (and registering your vessel)

Strict adherence to the Lake Usage Guidelines  is required of all members and guests.  You must inform your guests of the rules, as you are responsible for their actions.  Non-compliance with lake usage guidelines can result in fines and loss of lake access privileges.

All member vessels that require a Washington State Vessel registration must also be registered with Lake Limerick Country Club and meet certain length and horse power expectations.

Registering your boat is important.  You must register your boat prior to placing it on the lake.  Proof of Vessel ownership by a legal lot owning member of the Lake Limerick Country Club is required.

You are required to complete a brief form and present the original WA State Vessel Registration form in the office (the office staff will make a copy – do not bring a copy, bring the original).

Unregistered vessels will be asked to leave the lake!

Lake Limerick Vessel Registration Form

Lake Limerick Vessel Registration Procedures

For information on launching a boat, visit the Boat Launch page.